Ethereum pro (Epro) ignites the world


Ethereum pro, referred to as Epro, is committed to building the world's leading third-generation super blockchain system, and changing the technology and application ecosystem of existing blockchains through Epro Blockchain, Epro Network, Epro Services and shardchains. Epro is an international project initiated by 100 blockchain geeks from Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, South Korea, Singapore, Seychelles, Switzerland, Malta and other countries. Use the blockchain distributed structure to verify the stored data, use distributed nodes and consensus algorithms to generate and update data, and use cryptography to ensure data transmission and access security. Epro is completed after upgrading the world's leading blockchain 3.0 technology and the original Dpos hybrid consensus mechanism. In terms of consensus mechanism, the first hybrid Dpos mechanism of miners, notaries, and guarantors, and deployed 100 pro super nodes around the world, energy saving and environmental protection, can achieve second-level consensus verification, and the stability and security of the system have been improved unprecedentedly . Epro will become the third-generation super blockchain platform for global digital asset links, and it will also be a major breakthrough in the third global blockchain technology revolution.

Epro Foundation is a low-key international top technology financial investment institution, headquartered in Russia, in Asia, Europe,North America, Oceania, etc. have more than 30 wholly-owned and holding investment projects, in investment research, asset management, insurance business, blockchain application investment and digital currency transactions have been deeply cultivated for many years, especially in the fields of blockchain technology and distributed finance. Domain, unique, is providing investors with comprehensive asset management with the innovative model of blockchain technology + ecological application

management services. At present, the Epro Foundation has in-depth cooperation with traditional financial exchanges, international associations of financial technology organizations, and top blockchain technology teams.

Under the leadership of the Epro Foundation, Ethereum pro has cooperated with Goldman Sachs, BlackRock Group, Mellon Group, Los Angeles Kefir Foundation, Merrill Lynch Holdings, etc. have reached a cooperation intention, and the follow-up will be in the form of alliance super nodes or other scientific organizations participate. During the project development process, the project party will make direct investment, and the well-known overseas consortium will hard cap 10,000ETH. This provides strong resources and financial support for the promotion and application of the project on a global scale.

At the same time, the US BINBSC CAPITAL FOUNDATION and META jointly participate in EPRO's global public offering plan to help Epro's global ecological layout. It is expected to invest 100 million US dollars in 2023 to promote the listing of EPRO on multiple exchanges, and establish at least 20 global operation R&D centers.

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