Wine cabinet refers to the storage of wine cooler. According to the refrigeration method can be divided into: electronic semiconductor, compressor direct cooling type, frequency air-cooled type, according to the material: there are solid wood wine cabinet with synthetic wine cabinet, synthetic wine cabinet using electronic, wood, PVC and other material combinations of wine cabinet, the city application is the most synthetic wine cabinet series, the series of cabinets introduced from abroad, now the domestic has a large number of production and for foreign customers wine cabinet for many families, has become an integral part of the restaurant Landscape line, it displays the different wine colorful, can make the restaurant add a lot of gorgeous color, look at the appetite.
In fact, the wine cabinet (electronic wine cabinet) is not only a beautiful decorative items in the family, but also will give the family to attract good luck in feng shui auspicious items. If the placement of your home wine cabinet in line with feng shui, it will play a role in attracting wealth and blessing. Master Neptune will summarize the following points from years of experience for your reference. Most of the wine cabinet is high and long, from feng shui, this is a symbol of the mountain; short and flat dining table is a symbol of water. In the dining room there are "mountain" and "water", with the appropriate, a great "house luck" symbolism. 

The company has a technical reserve of perfect design team and construction team, equipped with the production of various types of commercial display cabinets and home storage processing plant, the factory has the perfect technology of woodworking, stainless steel, glass, baking paint, hardware, acrylic and other craft structure processing process. Can provide one-stop service for all kinds of space, so that customers get the service more convenient and fast. The greatest pursuit of home environment creation and commercial space decoration is to allow customers to maximize profits through the creation of novel design. Through careful market observation and analysis, we have perfected our technical reserve in this field and can provide a full range of visual experience for your corporate image.

Chengdu Weimutang Home Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in May 2008. It is a decoration company dedicated to the comprehensive and overall construction of a commercial space and the home environment.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "people -oriented and customer -oriented", the company always adheres to the strength of the brand with strength. Based on everything from customers, fashion and innovation design concepts, provide customers with aesthetic, security, and practical business display. Space art is presented in the most perfect way, creating obvious business effects and space beauty.
Professional experience, professionalism, and professional ethics are the foundation of our success. It is also the industry standards we have always admired. Professional project personnel, senior designers, skilled professional and technical workers, comprehensive professional production factories, and rigorous professional quality management systems that are well seen in work flows can not only provide customers with high -quality professional services, but also ensure that customers can get can get it The most reasonable price, the most reliable quality assurance and the most satisfactory after -sales service.
With many years of exhibition exhibition and exhibition industry rich experience, the company is committed to "creating the top 100 Chinese decoration companies as the goal", and strives to promote the exhibition display design and production projects in various fields, assist customers in the promotion, improve and promote the company's image shape Provide a variety of comprehensive solutions.

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